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Favor Favor Favor!

One of the common prayers, we pray over those we love is “God please send your favor, favor, favor!”

Our friend, author Robyn Dykstra recently wrote a blog explaining her view of God’s favor:

I lost track of my little boy in a box store once, well, maybe twice, but security only had to lock down the store that one time … anyway, when I found my son, he sobbed into my shoulder,  “I couldn’t find you, mama.”

Do you ever feel lost like that?

Like God seems distant or has perhaps lost track of you?

I suppose we all do.

Maybe that’s why he invented favorballs.

What’s a favorball? 

Favorball is a word I made up to indicate unexpected blessing, favor, windfall, or good fortune of any kind. 

Since every good and perfect gift is from above, (James 1:17) I credit favorballs to God. 

A favorball can be financial, of course, like getting a check in the mail or a rebate from the electric company, but it can also look like scoring those shoes you’ve been ogling or you get a note in the mail thanking you for making a difference in someone’s life. And if it comes on a day when you’re questioning your work and your worth, it’s a favorball indeed.

A favorball can look like a better offer – like when your cranky co-worker gets a new job and leaves. Or, when the wind carries the leaves off your yard and into the street, saving you hours of raking. 

Having all the ingredients on hand to make brownies at 10:00pm when you’re craving chocolate is definitely a favorball. And, I’d for sure count rain stopping as I get out of the car with my hands full of grocery bags a favorball.

Time warp favorball

Recently, Dave and I were on our way to a speaking engagement and got a time-warp favorball.

The event planner had asked me to come a day early and have dinner with the planning team the night before the event. It was some distance away and wouldn’t you know it, the traffic was heavy due to construction and I hadn’t planned on those obstacles. We chewed up our margin, but the GPS said we’d make it with one minute to spare if we kept the current pace.

I have to admit, I sat in the passenger seat willing Dave to break the law and speed so we wouldn’t be late. But, my man is not inclined to do that.

Then I saw the detour sign. A detour! Oh for heaven’s sake.

As we followed the meandering yellow signs, the GPS arrival time ticked up lost minutes. We would undoubtedly be late. What a terrible impression to start our ministry time together.

I could feel awkward embarrassment chip away at my usual cheerfulness.

Favorballs for the rescue. 

Dave said, “It’ll be okay, Honey, there’s the highway.”

I knew it was too little too late. I sat sullenly looking out the window lamenting my failure to be on time.

(Any recovering perfectionists out there? Can you relate? A post for another time.)

We merged into the traffic and Dave blurted out exuberantly, “Look at the GPS!”  I could not believe my eyes. My ETA (estimated time of arrival) was 8 full minutes ahead of my original arrival time.

Oh, God, you are so good to me! Thanks for the favorball!

God knows where you are and what you need.

You can’t make a favorball happen.

They are serendipitous heavenly gifts from a God who loves you. Whose hands are full of good gifts to shower on you. Some are big and significant – a healing, a rescue, a baby, a job … but some favorballs are whimsical gifts floating from Heaven into your life to help us remember God is on the throne. That he’s paying attention and he knows exactly where we are and what we need.

I hope you’ll be on alert for favorballs in your life.

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