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Bill’s favorite word is, “Wow!” and his favorite motto is “May God do through you what is beyond you!”

These are important to Bill because he experienced a life transformation at the age of 16. Many of the decisions in the home where he grew up were characterized by fear which led to an isolated approach to life. Family to Bill was 5 people (dad, mom, sister, brother and himself). He didn’t interact with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins or anyone else. He learned that people were hard to trust and independence was safe. Then, he saw the movie, The Exorcist, which scared him into reading the Bible. It wasn’t the “scariness” of the movie that got Bill’s attention. It was the idea that the story was based on something true and he couldn’t see much difference between his life and the girl on the screen. When Bill read 1 John 4:4, “Greater is He who is in you than He who is in the world,” his heart opened to the reality of a personal relationship with Jesus.

“I embraced the grace of God because I didn’t want to be afraid. I had no idea at the time that I would discover a new purpose for life and the power to pull it off. I now live amazed that I have a loving marriage, am friends with all my grown children, am connected with my grandkids, interact with my parents on a regular schedule and enjoy the community of an extended family.”

As an outgrowth of his experience, all his messages are delivered with conviction and confidence that the principles will work for anyone. He has been sharing his heart for the Bible and for family relationships as a Senior Pastor, Youth Pastor, radio talk show host, community leader and sought after conference speaker. Bill along with his wife, Pam, have authored more than 40 books, including their best-seller, Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti, Red Hot Monogamy, The Ten Best Decisions a Man Can Make, The 10 Best Decisions a Leader Can Make and 7 Simple Skills for Every Man.

Bill is helping men learn how to be wiser in leading their lives, their families and their circles of influence. He has a unique ability to make biblical principles simple and practical so the average man knows how to live them out in his daily life.

Bill Farrel speaks for audiences large and small. He is engaging, witty and relatable. His most popular topics are:

Decision-making is one of life’s greatest challenges. Bill presents practical principles and
inspiring stories that help the hearer build solid decision-making skills and challenge men to live lives that count. Men who attend this seminar will:

  • Learn how to build confidence in their decisions.
  • Get the advantage in life of being God’s friend
  • Sense God’s approval.
  • Enjoy the time they spend with your wives and kids
  • Find a career and hobbies that are exciting.
  • Get along with the people who matter most.

Bill will take the audience through a survey of the life of Moses. They will discover that Moses was a man of courage, vision and adventure. At the same time, they will discover that Moses was a man of discouragement, disappointment and daily responsibility. Men who attend this seminar will:

  • Learn to ask the most important questions of life.
  • Define their personal adventure in life.
  • Become aggressively humble.
  • Be prepared for the tough decisions of life.
  • Learn how to recover from disappointments in life.
  • Discover steps for redefining their careers.
  • Gain wisdom for dealing with difficult people.

From the life of Elijah, we discover there are significant moments in life that shape who we are and reveal what we truly believe. The story of Elijah is not presented in the Bible as a historical narrative but rather as a series of moments that changed the course of the prophet’s life and challenged those around him to make their most important decisions. These messages are challenging, humorous, practical and revealing. Men who experience this series will:

  • Take a transforming look at the significant moments of their lives
  • Clarify what they believe about God, the Bible and themselves
  • Evaluate God’s plan for their lives with clearer focus.
  • See adversity as an opportunity rather than as punishment.
  • Think clearer about the next decisions in their lives.

The life of Nehemiah is one of the great examples of leadership in the Bible. This is the “front” story of the book. The back story is about the possibilities of a life that is wholeheartedly devoted to God. In this series of messages, Bill takes people on an exploration of the heart and how Nehemiah directed his heart to accomplish God’s plan. Those who hear these messages will:

  • Gain a new appreciation of the power of the heart
  • Raise their confidence level in God’s ability
  • Be challenged to keep their hearts soft in the midst of life’s irritations
  • Identify characteristics of those whose hearts are not soft toward God
  • Develop a plan for high achievement without becoming cynical

The book of James is the most practical book in the New Testament. It is written in a manner similar to the Proverbs in the Old Testament. Rather than being a teaching narrative, it is a series of pictures that teach the most important lessons of life. Bill takes his audience through a visual journey of word pictures that make the book of James come alive in simple practical application. Those who experience these messages will:

  • Identify clear and compelling commitments they will want to make
  • Translate their theology into daily decisions
  • Challenge the attitudes that hold them back
  • Increase their courage level as they see God at work in all circumstances
  • Become more humble as they see people from God’s perspective

Drawing from his 25 years of experience as a Senior Pastor and Small Group Pastor, Bill makes the perfect Sunday morning special guest for pulpit supply. He has a large collection of sermons that will inspire, encourage and challenge the audience. Just a few of the topics include: When God Stirs You Up (from the book of Ezra); The Jesus Strategy (How Jesus influenced others); The Pictures of Life (Lessons from the book of James); The Other Side of Spectacular (Life Skills practiced by Joshua). Contact Bill to discuss particular needs you have in your congregation – he probably has a message that will apply.

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