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Uncommon Inspiration for Men



Last year, Bill joined our three sons (all either athletes of coaches of athletes), read Uncommon by Tony Dungy on a Skype Bible study. Though we are a far flung family living in numerous states, the Farrel men stayed closer by traversing some of the same spiritual territory together in this book study. (Reading the same devotional together, for men or for women, is a great tradition for any family or friendship circle if you want deeper, richer, more connected relationships).

Every male needs some quality role models to look up to, and for the Farrel men, Superbowl winning, God-honoring, Tony Dungy is one for sure! So when I went looking for a daily devotional to give to our football coaching son, Tony came to mind.

His new yearly devotional, The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge, is a perfect gift for the man in your life too. The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge contains 365 reflections from the #1 New York Times bestselling author on living an “uncommon life” of integrity, honoring your family and friends, creating a life of real significance and impact, and walking with the Lord. This year, step up to the challenge—and dare to be uncommon every day. ( Like me, you can order from Tyndale House Publishers for the men in your world too. Tyndale is also the publisher of the daily devotionals in a one year format that Bill and I penned: Devotions for Men on the Go! and Devotions for Women on the Go!)

I think The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge is a bargain at around $15. Just think of the outcome! I think the men in my family have uncommon wisdom, valor, strength, integrity, and commitment—and those kind of men tend to team together to help each other succeed- let Tony team with your men and cheer them on to greater heights too! (We would love to team with you too . . .so let us know how to pray for you and your family by emailing us through Or brag on your men and how he/they are “uncommon” on our facebook page. )

Happy New Year!

PS: Like Tony, we also are supporters of Fellowship of Christian Athletes. If you have a son (or daughter), please consider sending your teen to a FCA summer camp. All our sons went as high school athletes and several help now as coaches with these awesome programs.

(Pictured: Caleb Farrel, football – Harding University; Zach Farrel, co-ed cheer; U of L, Brock Farrel, QB, Liberty Universty)

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