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Raising Kids to Follow Christ: Nurturing Lifelong Faith in a Turbulent World


Above our many God-given blessings, children shine with exceptional worth. These priceless souls bear the very image of God, and therefore arrive in our arms as eternal treasures. As stewards of these divine gifts, we have a duty to equip ourselves for their proper care. Tools and insights steeped in scripture and spiritual wisdom can empower us to guide our children towards a lifelong commitment to Christ.


We bear a sacred responsibility when it comes to nurturing our children in the ways of the Lord. Joel 1:3 admonishes parents to impart the truths of our faith to our children, who in turn, will pass on this sacred legacy to future generations. This cyclical transmission of faith serves as the bedrock upon which the continuity of Christianity rests, echoing the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:19–20.


Our culture’s current trend toward moral relativism amplifies the urgency of instilling a steadfast faith in our children. Lee Ann Mancini provides the solutions we need in her new parenting guide. “Raising Kids to Follow Christ: Instilling a Lifelong Trust in God” offers invaluable insights drawn from both scripture and cutting-edge research in childhood spiritual development. As the CEO of Raising Christian Kids and a distinguished professor, Mancini emphasizes the vital role of parental guidance rooted in love and joy, safeguarding children from the perils of faithlessness.


Lee Ann recognizes parents as the primary educators and spiritual mentors in the lives of their children. The way we live proves the most significant character lesson we teach. Our actions and attitudes serve as the blueprint upon which our children model their own beliefs and behaviors. The book shares insights on how to exemplify a life centered on the Word of God so we can provide a living testimony of Christ’s transformative power. Faithfully measured, our personal steps will lead our children towards a deep and abiding relationship with their Savior.


Mancini emphasizes the cornerstone of parental efforts must rest upon the unwavering truth of God’s Word. Just as Jesus is the living Stone chosen by God, so too must His teachings form the solid foundation upon which our children’s faith is built. Amidst the storms of life, anchored in Christ, they stand firm, unwavering in their devotion and unyielding in their convictions.


The journey of raising children in the faith comes with a myriad of challenges. In a world hostile to Christian values, we must remain vigilant in equipping our children with the spiritual armor necessary to withstand the onslaught of worldly temptations. Through prayer, guidance, and unwavering commitment, we can nurture within them a love for God and His Word, empowering them to become beacons of light in a world shrouded in darkness.


Lee Ann esteems the calling to raise godly children as sacred, but she also shares her parenting advice with the hope of grace. It is never too early nor too late to inspire our children to love Jesus and develop a passion for His Kingdom. With fresh insights and transformative strategies, she welcomes us to embark on a journey of faith, nurturing the next generation of believers and disciples.


Raising Kids to Follow Christ serves as a wise and powerful companion as we navigate parenthood. The crises and shadows of life in this world will threaten to shake its youngest souls. Our children need the hope only Christ can offer. With this strong foundation, this generation can transform the future.

As we embrace our role as stewards of His precious gifts, may we rise to the challenge with unwavering faith and steadfast resolve. We can depend on experts like Lee Ann Mancini to come alongside us in raising kids to follow Christ. Together, we can fulfill our true purpose and enjoy our greatest reward.

Lee Ann Mancini is a dear friend of Pam Farrel, a professor, bible teacher, founder and creator of SeaKids cartoons and books.  She is also the designer of Scripture Bear  

Pam’s endorsement:

Lee Ann Mancini has penned a well-researched, extensive handbook for parenting with a biblically based worldview. Lee Ann has captured the heart of the Creator toward parents and children. Wisdom, compassion, love, truth, and beauty are woven throughout this power-packed parenting manual. If you are a parent who wants more for your children, grandchildren, and the next generation, this guide will equip you to train and transform them to grow leaders and lovers of Christ and the church and bring hope to a world that needs revival, redemption, and restoration by providing authentic Christians as bright lights reflecting the Savior and His heart for humankind. — Pam Farrel ― Codirector, Love-Wise


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