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The Moment of Truth, Part 1

The Moments of Life - Lessons from the life of Elijah
The Moments of Life - Lessons from the life of Elijah
The Moment of Truth, Part 1

The first of 4 messages exploring the moment of truth in Elijah’s life from 1 Kings 17:1-6. The moments of truth are those situations in life that force us to choose between two competing options based on our conclusion of what is true.

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  1. Hey Bill, Good message. I will be listening to the others in the series and looking forward to more of your teachings. Blessings my brother. Glenn

  2. Thanks for your faithful ministry all these years. Glad I found your website as I approach the moment of retirement. Looking forward to this opportunity to invest more hours a day helping others find grace in Jesus.

    Rattlers sure get your attention. In my preteen years, while walking a rocky trail alone, I heard an odd chirping sound and stopped to identify the source. A petrified chipmunk, sending out alarming chirps, made no other movement. The breeze rustled through the leaves of a bush he cowered under. Those same leaves masked the sound of that rattle on the tail of a coiled snake only a foot from the path ahead.

    God is amazing in how he protects us! I took a safer detour home. It’s a moment I will never forget. Hope the chipmunk lived to tell the tale too.

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