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Christmas Story Gift Giveaway Game!

If you have family in, and want a new or unique way to make sure the Christmas Story gets included, or if you are running a Christmas event and are looking for a simple ice breaker, this can be a fun solution. Grab any small gift (wrap it) then, have everyone stand in a circle. One person reads the script below, and the gift is handed right or left as directed. The last person holding the gift gets to keep it.


Mary went right to her cousin Elizabeth’s home, and right away the baby in Elizabeth leapt for joy. Mary left to go tell Joseph that she was so right with God that she had been chosen for a virgin birth. Upon hearing the news, Joseph said, “sure, right.” But then an angel appeared to him right in person, so he left to take Mary to Bethlehem, the angels left heaven to announce the birth to the shepherds and the shepherd left right then to go worship the new baby. right near that time, the wise men heard that a Messiah was to be born so they left their palace and went right to their stargazing equipment to follow the star right to where Jesus was laying in a manger. They gave him the right kind of gifts: gold frankincense and myrrh. So right now, give the gift to the right person who as God has right in mind to win.

(I first was exposed to this fun game at a Christmas gathering, I wrote this version but I was inspired by the idea of Marilyn Williams, the author of “Advent Family Devotions”.

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