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4 Quick Tips for a Healthy, Happy Thanksgiving

We had the opportunity to take a “Selah” Thanksgiving vacation with each of our three sons and families last week—and now we are sending our prayers and greetings to you for a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving!

2 Thanksgivings

While studying for Discovering Hope in the Psalms, I gained a fuller appreciation for the repeated term: Selah.
Selah, like the musical pause, is a decision to pause to ponder; To wait and wonder; to slow down and be still enough to take in all that God is and what He is doing and has done.

Pause to Be Grateful: Go on a praise and prayer walk early in the day. Express thanks and appreciation for all that God has done for you (and your family/ ministry/ marriage)  in the past 12 months.
Here are a few reasons we are grateful for you:

We love because He (God) first loved us.Thank you for your encouragement through your prayers and notes to us that include verses that uphold us and Love-Wise ministry.

Thank you for sharing how our words in speeches, books, blogs, social media has given you help and hope.

Thank you for your tangible support through participating in our Living Love- Wise community.

Thank you for doing life with us: attending live events, facebook groups, zoom classes, coming to our bible studies, coaching and mentoring meetings and social events. Seeing you in person blesses our hearts.

We love because He (God) first loved us.Pause to Plan Health: Decide to exercise, walk the kids or grandkids to the park, play a game of football or baseball as a family—be active and burn those Thanksgiving meal calories away. Also prepare to succeed by bringing the healthy options to the holiday meal: veggie tray with hummus, mixed fruit salad; green salad with fall veggies and fruits. (For healthy recipes, go to First Place 4 Health website) For ongoing encouragement and equipping on living healthy in life’s 7 core areas, see 7 Simple Skills for Every Woman and 7 Simple Skills for Every Man. Join Bill and I Dec 10 for “Teaming Up for Victory in Health, Life and Love, a free webinar in partnership with First Place for Health.

Pause to Listen and Love: In our book, The Secret Language of Successful Couples, we share how to practice “The Gift of Opposite” . This simply means that when you enter a room or a conversation becomes tense or strained, ask God to show you a trait of His or a fruit of the Spirit that is the opposite of what you are seeing and experiencing. For example, if voices are raising in anger, the opposite would be Peace. Jesus says “He himself is our peace” and Peace is also one of the fruits of the Spirit so to apply, you would then pray, “God, how can I be a peacemaker? How can I model peace, and bring peace to this situation?” Then simply obey as God leads. Make it your goal to talk less and listen more. People feel valued when they feel listened to. A great idea when building relationship with children or grandkids is to ask questions while they are coloring. Here is a link to my co-author, Karla Dornacher, with free downloadable coloring sheets (I especially love the Count Your Blessings sheet—great for the entire family!)

Pause to Prepare for Holiday Season:  Black Friday, CyberMonday, Giving Tuesday followed by the CHRISTmas season—the next few days may contain your opportunity to purchase gifts that BLESS and BUILD those you love. Make a list, make a budget. Make a prayer. Ask yourself, “What can I give that will make a lasting difference in the lives of those I love?”  We at Love-Wise  are joining in to offer you options that will encourage, equip, educate and inspire those you love. From Thursday noon until next Wednesday noon we are placing everything on our Love-Wise website at 15% off (Use coupon code thanksgiving).  And remember to give the gift of investing in your own life and relationships by joining the Love-Wise Living Community. (Just click on subscribe tab and select your level of investment and interest).

Praying this over you and those you love:
Let them give thanks to the LORD for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for mankind,  for he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things (Psalm 107:8-9)


We love because He (God) first loved us.PS: If you live in Southern California, I personally invite you to a Christmas Gala where I will be speaking on “A Simply Beautiful Masterpiece” on Dec 13. Bring your spouse, your friends, your Bible study group, your sister or mother, for a night packed with inspiration! Dinner, Worship with Nova Page, Silent Auction, Keynote Speaker, Pam Farrel!

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