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Rubber Band Decision-Making Skill

In my newest book, Simple Skills for Every Woman: Success in Keeping Everything Together, we walk readers through a series of simple decision-making skills. However, when several options present themselves and they all look great, we need some new tools…
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Learners and Leaders Who Love God

When our son, Brock, was a baby, Bill was a youth pastor and one day I was praying for our son and I prayed, “Lord, it seems that some kids at 18 soar and succeed. And others stumble and fall.…
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Pam’s Favorite Tools for Moms of Teens (31 Ways to Pray for Your Child)

  31 Ways to Pray for our Youth Pray for a Spirit of REVERENCE Pray for a Spirit of HUMILITY Pray for a Spirit of PURITY Pray for a Spirit of PURPOSE Pray for a Spirit of SIMPLICITY Pray for…
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Kid-Sized Valentines Ideas

To extend love to the children of your world,here are a few ideas: Younger than 10 Heart shaped pancakes or sandwiches Hide the hearts (This is played much like an Easter egg hunt but with candy heart—or a healthier option would…
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Your Family Compass!

We saw a refrigerator magnet that read, “Marriage is when a man and woman become as one; the trouble starts when they try to decide which one.” It is easy in marriage to drift different directions, instead, we encourage couples…
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Keep Your Child S.A.F.E. from Predators

Sexual abuse is almost a daily headline, so all parents need to have their eyes wide open to vigilantly protect their children from sexual predators. In 10 Questions Kids Ask About Sex, we help a parent be aware of this…
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