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Back to School: Lesson Plan for Love and Life

We have several teachers in our family and lesson plans are a BIG part of classroom success. In the same way, when you set a clear plan for your family, everyone in your family can flourish. Trust in and rely…
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What are those SIMPLE SKILLS FOR SUCCESS for EVERY WOMAN? There are 7 core areas of life that if they are running well, a woman gains forward movement in her life. Picture life like the spokes of a bike wheel,…
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Ready for Adventure?  You’ll need a few Navigational Tools!

Compass for Clarity Tune in THIS THURSDAY June 28 at 6:06 pm PT for Part 4 of Tackling Transitions: Trials to Triumphs. We will share the “adventure equipment” you will want (and need) to navigate life’s adventurous journey. Just like you…
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We need your prayers and National Day of Prayer today

Today is  National Day of Prayer so we pray you will take time today to pray for the USA. We love helping others with their marriages and families, but right now we need your prayers. Here are three ways your prayers can…
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