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And Then . . .

   “And Samuel’s word came to all Israel.” (1 Samuel 4:1) The ancient Hebrew language is a story telling language. It is a brilliant tool for telling historical narratives because it has the elements to keep a story moving. One of those tools is the use of “and.” It is simple in Hebrew to say, “This happened . . . and then . . . that happened.”
   As I read these simple words, ‘And Samuel . . .” I was reminded that the story of our lives is still being written. Today is an important day but it is not the end of the story. The next chapter of your life can be awesome, uneventful or tragic but the next chapter will be written. In 1 Samuel 4, Eli and his sons will see the tragic climax of their lives. Eli had served the Lord as a priest for 40 years only to see the end of the story become a sad reminder that the choices you make today affect tomorrow. At the same time, Samuel is a reminder that a solid, faithful life committed to healthy principles will create a positive, lasting legacy.
  Today is the next “and then,” of our lives. In Luke 9, 5000 men plus their families were hungry and without the resources to feed themselves. The disciples pointed out the need to Jesus, and then . . . Jesus had them gather in groups of 50 and he fed everyone with 5 loaves of bread and two fish.
   I am not sure what you facing today. It may be a great season of life or it may be a frustrating season of life. Either way, the story of your life is still being written. We all went through challenges, opportunities, setbacks and accomplishments to get to where we are today . . . and then . . .

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