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SIMPLE SKILLS for SUCCESS: Becoming Productive


7 simple skills bill pam headerOften, in this high tech, fast paced, purpose-drive, results oriented world, there will be times you will need to be able to produce so you, your business, your family or your church can achieve a certain goal.

People have often asked me, “How did you write 40 books, serve your church, keep a happycomplete Farrel family jessica caleb wedding use as christmas card 2015 marriage, and raise sons who have also become healthy leaders with happy marriages and families too?” So in 7 Simple Skills for Every Woman book, I share my 7 Simple Steps for creating time to PRODUCE so you can –with God’s help—reach some of those desired goals. You will be more productive and achieve more if you can accomplish these:

  1. Plan Out the Future: Plan each year, each month, each week, each day, and each hour. Those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail. I like to use Outlook (I color–code my Outlook so I can find items for family, work, social life quickly on my schedule, and I can input all important details with each calendar entry.) Experiment with various planning systems, software and aps to find ones that work for your life and personality. I also plan how  and who to delegate to. (Order 7 Simple Skills for Every Woman or 7 Simple Skills for Every Man and we will email you our version of the “Decide When” To Do list based on how President Dwight Eisenhower made his decisions)[tweetthis]Every Moment is precious! Each day we live the legacy we want to leave. [/tweetthis]
  2. Respond instead of react. I don’t waste time on negative emotions. Worry, self-doubt, frustration over delays or plans going awry are time wasters. If I hit a really hard emotional hurdle, I will cry for a few minutes, then plan in time to better deal with the emotional fallout later over coffee with a friend or mentor, a counseling session, or a heart to heart talk with my husband. To keep a positive disposition, I also plan in nourishing time off for favorite activities, dates with my husband, my kids, friends, ministry colleagues and days off for solitude. By cordoning off time for self-care, I gain time because it protects my heart and mind – as a result, it takes a pretty sizeable trauma to unravel me emotionally.Simple Skills you control your emotions gal 5 22 23
  3. Optimize Multi-tasking. Multitasking doesn’t always make us more efficient. However, if one of the tasks require very little brain-power I find I can link them. For example, I can walk and listen to podcasts or audio books; I can fold laundry and watch the news; I can do my morning stretch while I listen to scripture songs; I can walk to beach and pray through priorities; I can dust or do dishes while memorizing scripture. I can walk on a treadmill at a slow pace and make a phone call or post to social media.
  4. Deliberately Group Tasks for Efficiency: For example, if I have to get dressed up for a meeting or speaking, then that is the day I also do other meetings, or filming for our ministry. I also link all my errands on one day. This grouping by like task also means I can enjoy full days at home to be creative and comfy in my sweats!
  5. Use every minute. I never just “wait around”. If I have an extra few minutes I check email, read newsletters, a magazine article or a book that can help me improve an area of my life. I also handle small household tasks in those random five – ten minutes slots: clean out a drawer, wipe down the kitchen or empty the dishwasher. I might also call or text one of my family members or friends a quick encouragement.[tweetthis]#simpleskills to be productive, use those 5 minute “wait times” to check off smaller goals [/tweetthis]
  6. Calender Priorities First. I carve out and mark down time with God; family vacations; marriage getaways and date nights; our kids’ major responsibilities, activities and celebrations. These all get placed on the calendar as far out as we can possibly manage to place them there. I also schedule into my goals and my Outlook (or planner) the time it will take to achieve the desired outcome. This process doesn’t result in pulling off the perfect plan, no one can control life’s unpredictable variables, but when your priorities are clear, it is easier to recalculate and regroup quickly.simpleskillsthunderclap5
  7. Elevate My Vision. I want to keep a more heavenly perspective so I pray. I get God’s viewpoint on my life, my marriage, my family, my ministry , my business, my friendships, my health— on all my life. I have found it saves me time to do life God’s way. Anytime I spend in prayer, Bible reading, listening to Bible teaching, being in a Bible study group, etc., God always seems to multiple that time back to me.

Pam Farrel is an international speaker, and author of 40 books including her newest: 7 Simple Skills for Every Woman: Success in Keeping It All Together. 

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