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Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti, 20th Anniversary Edition

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Men Are Like WafflesWomen Are Like Spaghetti has helped thousands of couples understand each other better. I will continue to recommend this book as a “must read.”
Gary Chapman, bestselling author of The 5 Love Languages®

Pam and Bill Farrel have the ability to take an everyday menu of spaghetti and waffles and transform biblical, practical wisdom into a word picture that has encouraged, equipped, and inspired couples worldwide.
Dr. Kevin Leman, bestselling author of The Birth Order Book and Sheet Music

Let Your Differences Make You Irresistible to Each Other

While a man tends to deal with one problem or purpose at a time (moving from waffle square to waffle square), a woman’s thoughts generally flow together (like spaghetti noodles). Once you discover how your spouse processes feelings and thoughts, you’re on your way to a happy and healthy relationship!

Join more than 300,000 other readers as you learn to energize your communication with strategies that work, ignite romance with new ideas to spice up your marriage, and empower your parenting with your combined insights and influence.

Find all the ingredients for creating a fabulous recipe of loving, working, and winning together!


Editorial Reviews

“The power of the book is less in “what happens” and more in the unfolding of these two immediately recognizable characters—until the shocking ending.”
Moody Magazine

“It is safe to say that men and women react differently in most situations. In this humorous and insightful volume, the authors explain how men process information in independent boxes—like waffles—while women take information and connect it with other things in their lives—like spaghetti. Perceptive views of communicating are offered, relating to various aspects of the marriage partnership: times of relaxation or conflict, when striving to meet each other’s needs, during parenting challenges. Filled with practical advice, amusing anecdotes and thought-provoking ideas, each chapter concludes with insightful questions and practical exercises that are sure to provide some fun while acting as a springboard to encourage couples to discover new ways to celebrate God’s plan for a fulfilling marriage relationship.”
Lutheran Woman’s Quarterly

“Men can ‘compartmentalize’ their thinking one thing at a time like boxes on a waffle. When women talk and think, every thought and issue connects to another like a plate of spaghetti. These are one of many creative ways that Bill and Pam Farrel discuss the differences between men and women. The goal of this book is to get husbands and wives to recognize these differences in a fun way in order to make them work for building a better marriage. Each chapter includes a Bible study and discussion questions. From communicating to parenting, this book has something for all married couples at any stage in their life together. It is even funny and non-threatening enough to use as an outreach to married couples who may not be in church.”
Illinois Baptist Family

“This book is an easy, fun, humorous read. (Don’t miss how men and women separately operate the ATM machine.) Mates will learn about and appreciate gender differences.”
Church Libraries

Harvest House Publishers


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