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With seamless transitions, natural timing and contagious energy, Bill and Pam inspire audiences around the world to live better, laugh often and love skillfully. It has often been said, “More is caught than taught,” and this is the secret to Bill and Pam’s effectiveness. They are a real couple helping real couples. As couples watch Bill and Pam present, they see a couple in action, experience the kind of support that builds trust in relationships and can visualize their own success. Bill and Pam don’t just teach about marriage, they demonstrate it for their audiences.

People who hear them speak say:

“They made it simple to be in love again.”

“After hearing them, I know what to do next!”

“I was nervous about coming because I thought I would hear about what I was doing wrong but boy am I glad I came.”

“This was awesome.”

“They didn’t just tell us what to do, they showed us how.”

“We rediscovered each other this weekend.”

“We haven’t laughed together this much in years.”

The Farrels’ specialty is marriage retreats and they offer a number of different themes based on their best-selling books. All of their messages can be formatted for a full weekend, a one day seminar or a stand alone message. Their topics can also be formatted to fit a wide variety of audiences, including leaders, pastors, business and motivational settings, and outreach. They are ready, individually or together, to speak on any of the books they have authored. Their humor, practical Biblical insights and easy going yet enthusiastic presentations are always a hit. They will inspire, encourage and equip.

Bill and Pam are popular speakers for marriage conferences, date nights, singles and parent groups. Here are some of their most popular topics:

From their best selling book by the same title, these messages take a humorous and practical look at basic gender differences. The audience will learn how to:

  • Turn frustration with your spouse into fascination.
  • Create an environment of mutual support and achievement.
  • Stop conflict before it starts.
  • Lighten the mood in your home and laugh together.
  • Enjoy sex more often with your spouse.
  • Use forgiveness to make your relationship easier.

Conference resources here.

From their best-selling book this title, these messages take couples on a tasteful and thorough journey through the key elements that create intimacy in long term marriage relationships. Since a sexual relationship is one of the things that makes marriage different than all the other relationships in life, couples will be guided in their own discovery of how to:

  • Create their own code for saying, “I am in the mood.”
  • Develop a safe and fun plan for talking about their sexual preferences.
  • Recover from disappointing romantic encounters.
  • Intensify their sexual interest in one another.
  • Create sexual encounters that leave each other breathless.
  • Prevent busyness and fatigue from draining opportunities for intimacy.
  • Avoid the pleasure thieves that steal their chance for fulfillment.
  • Communicate their desires and boundaries, rather than shutting down.
  • Romance in a recession.
  • Put their love on the front-burner and enjoy each other more often.
  • Build romance outside the bedroom.

The Marriage Code introduces couples to the principle that all relationships operate around a line of trust. If you are above the line of trust, your relationship will work smoothly and cooperatively. If you are below the line of trust, almost anything can become a conflict. This seminar will help couples get above the line and stay there most of the time as they:

  • Create a great friendship with one another
  • Get excited about the next time they will be together
  • Stop fighting over money
  • Anticipate one another’s emotional needs
  • Read one another’s body language so they can hear what is really being said
  • Experience a great sex-life
  • Resolve conflict quickly
  • Increase their confidence to get through any situation together
  • Access answers about each other that only God can provide

Bill and Pam give practical wisdom for raising children cradle through college in this seminar of time tested wisdom from their years in youth ministry, family ministry as well as from their own experience as parents. Packed with tools, this conference or workshop walks parents through all the vital decisions needed to help children reach their God -given potential. Special attention is given to dealing with challenges of the strong\willed, or special need child, as well as the hard to motivate or natural leader. Parents will walk away knowing what their children’s unique strengths are to build on and potential pitfalls to overcome. Bill and Pam will help you:

  • Enjoy being your child’s parent.
  • Make your home a welcoming environment.
  • Reduce the stress of raising a difficult child.
  • Help your children reach their full potential.
  • Help your teens make wise decisions.
  • Prevent your children from pushing your buttons.
  • Guide your child regardless of his or her temperament.
  • Motivate a child who acts different from you.
  • Diminish sibling rivalries.
  • Anticipate the different stages of your child’s life.
  • The Best Decisions a Couple Can Make
  • Single Men are like Waffles, Single Women are like Spaghetti,
  • Ministry-Minded Marriage
  • Your Conference Theme
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