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Memorable Men


This morning, Father’s Day, my husband preached a sermon on Memorable Men, using the life of Moses as the Biblical text, then clips of our three sons’ reflection on the main points and how to apply the Word to your life as a man in today’s world.

To me, my husband, Bill, models all the traits he preached. Bill is memorable because he walks his talk!

I will share the main points of Bill’s sermon here from my notes that I took (You can watch a replay of the sermon at the New Venture Christian Church website)

Memorable Men

Memorable Men [Point 1] LEAD with QUESTIONS
(A) What is this?
(B) Who am I?
Answer from God:
You are person with a purpose
And (C) Who are YOU, GOD?
God’s name: I am (means He IS the answer to any and all needs)
God who keeps promises

From Pam: Thank for your God-seeking heart, my sweetheart. Your bible the day I met you had etched on the cover, “That I may know HIM””

Memorable Men [Point 2] LOOK LONG RANGE
“My success as a family will really show up in our grandkids– if I am faithful to God”

From Pam: Thanks for overcoming family of origin dysfunctions by power of God, my beloved, Bill

Memorable Men [point 3] Leave HUMBLE Footprints
Go to God with questions. Have a mentor to help you process life biblically. Thx Bill Farrel.

And I want to add a few more traits of Memorable Men from observing and living with Bill a VERY memorable man:

Memorable Men also LIFTs others

A memorable man steps up when others have stepped aside. In youth ministry, then as a Lead Pastor, Bill was the step-in dad for boys who fathers had passed away, or deadbeat dads who had abandoned their families. In the past week, like all the years I have known Bill, he has stepped up to help women whose man (Dad,  husband, baby-daddy) had abandoned them: he has done millions of hours of home care, remodeling, car repair, buying groceries, pitching in and sacrificing his money to help stranded single moms.


From Pam: Thank you to Bill, and all memorable men who run to obstacles and help women gain victory. 

Memorable Men also LOVE Lavishly

The best thing a man can do is love their wives well. Today, watching the videos of my sons, each complimented their precious, godly wives—and they shared ways they try to lead and serve their hard-working, faithful,  sweet wives. They learned that “love means being other centered” attitude and action from their own dad.

From Pam: Bill, thanks for being so committed, compassionate, caring in marriage. Thanks too for believing in my dreams and calling. Your daily example of love were the seeds of faithful marriage now blossoming in the marriages of our kids. 

Memorable Men also Lean into a Challenge

My husband runs in when others run away. And now I see this same vital trait of being proactive and persevering in our three sons. When our third son was being born, Bill BUILT our home from scratch while being a full- time pastor. The last three days he stayed up with ZERO sleep!  Now I see that same tenacity and endurance as he is the main caregiver for his 90-year-old parents.

Memorable Men also Learn from the Lord and want others to learn about God too.

Real men know that the core source and power for life comes from the God who created them. And memorable men are courageous and share the hope and help found in a personal relationship with Christ.

From Pam: Thanks for being a man who loves Jesus first and fore-most. Me and our kids and grandkids gain greatly because your heart is seeking God, God’s Word and God’s best. 

The service at church opened with this verse, that I will close with:

1 Kings 2:2 “I am about to go the way of all of the earth. So be strong and prove yourself a man.”



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