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Partner for Power: Prayers of Joy

that I may know him and the power of his resurrection, and may share his sufferings, becoming like him in his death. Phil 3:10


This verse has special meaning to me. I met a curly -haired,  tan, fit college student leader  at Campus Crusade for Christ headquarters in the late summer of 1978. His Bible was so used and worn he had to have it rebound in rough tan leather and burned into the front cover was “That I may know Him”.  I fell in love with Bill Farrel not just for his good looks, but rather, for his God-chasing heart.  Any guy who wants to identify with Christ, not just for His majesty and power but also for his sufferings, is a deep man of faith.

Cultivating habits that allow God’s resurrection power to flow into your life is imperative so that you can stay strong, even in times of suffering . Here is an acrostic to gain P.O.W.E.R. thru partnering in prayer that  have helped me and Bill find and experience resurrection power and abiding JOY:

Partner for Power

Since the day I met that gorgeous guy, I have watched him graciously handle suffering and hardship with a 5-fold P.O.W.E.R process that has become our “Go to” when times get tough:

Pray: God will get us thru this. Let’s pray.

Open up: Let’s both share our needs with each other

Wisdom seek: Let’s find some scripture to hang our heart on to keep our hope, joy and peace.

Endure: Let’s just keep doing the next right thing. Let’s be true to God and God will be true to us.

Reach out: Let’s gather our trusted faith community to pray and believe with us and for us.

All through the writing of Discovering Joy in Philippians, Bill and I were in a rigorous season of life as we balance caregiving Bill’s 90- year old parents with our writing, speaking, and relationship coaching. We are still in this demanding season, so many days the work load feels impossible, but we keep partnering in prayer, and God keeps filling us with JOY! Under some pressures that can pull marriages apart, God is pulling us together. And God can hold you and your life together too– and give YOU this same  power and JOY!


I invite you to partner with me to gain POWER and JOY in your life. This fall, beginning Sept 18 at 6:06pm PT, I will be running an online bible study on Discovering Joy in Philippians using Facebook Live and a private facebook group. You can join me live, or watch later at your convenience. The study is FREE. You will want to purchase a copy of my new Discovering Joy in Philippians: A Creative Bible Study Experience so you can journey thru the Bible to gain JOY too! When you order the study, please process through check out. The study is free, but you will process it like any other product so we can reply back to you and email you the invitation to the private FB bible study group  (Discovering Joy study is each Wednesday eve for 12 weeks, 9/18 – 12/4, 2019 )

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