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Let’s Go for Coffee!

We all long to hear “I love you a “latte!”  so how can going to coffee, just once a week, for just an hour, have a SIGNIFICANT POSITIVE impact on your marriage? 

Bill and I have been having a “Monday Morning Marriage Meeting” for nearly all our 40 happy years of marriage.  At this meeting of the minds, we pray together, plan together, go over calendar items together, delegate who will do what tasks together, and often plan meals, family fun, and schedule in some “red hot monogamy” together

Why would we keep so consistent to these weekly Marriage Meet Ups? Because we LOVE the fruit: the positive outcomes of feeling more organized, more in love, more on top of family and work balance,  and we cherish the loving environment it creates in our marriage. 

We will be releasing a his and her set of Marriage Meet UpsA Planner for Couples Who Want a Productive, Passionate and Purposeful Life 

You and your mate and marriage will benefit from the Marriage Meet Ups set because this collection of strategy sheets will guide you to …

  •  Gain insight into how your spouse likes to live
  • Have productive conversations that minimize conflict
  • Make decisions together that maximize emotional, spiritual and physical connection
  • Improved conversations about money and financial choices
  • Boost productivity so you get more done at work, home, or ministry
  • Delegate well so things do not fall through the cracks of a busy life
  • Nurture your relationship and create more time for the happy-side of marriage, romance, and intimacy
  • Get and stay on the same page so you can move forward TOGETHER in unity
  • Strengthen your spiritual life together and draw you closer to God and your partner 

Pre-order your set of Marriage Meet Up planners by Feb 29, 20 and you will also receive an invitation to a marriage video webinar (using zoom conference call ap) to be held in March (date to be announced) and use the code MeetUpNow to save $5. 

Bill and Pam Farrel are international speakers, authors of 50+ books including best-selling Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti , and they Co-Direct Love-Wise They are also the parents of three sons, all successful godly leaders, and enjoy time with their wonderful daughter in laws and 5 young grandchildren. When they are are not traveling to speak on Living Love-Wise, and marriage and parenting, you will find them on their live-aboard boat docked in Southern California. 





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