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Last Minute Love: Red Hot Romance for Valentines’ Day

Do you need some ideas to make this Valentine’s Day one to remember? If you are running out of time or money, here are some fast, fun and free or nearly free ideas to fan the flame on your love! These are a few of the over 200 creative ideas found in our book, Red Hot Monogamy:

  • Recreate your first date. If you can still fit into it, wear the same clothes, if not, at least go to the same places.
  • Check a book out of the library or do internet search for “classical love poems of literature”. Sit in front of the fire place (or cozy up on the coach) in each other’s arms and take turns reading poems to each other.
  • Use everyday items to send a unique set of messages, the title of a candy bar with a note that says, “You are a “Big Hunk” of Burning Love, or I’ “Red Hot: for your love. See if you can work in all kinds of items: shaving cream, deodorant, perfume, cereal (You are my “Life, etc.)
  • Create your own magazine cover (think along the lines of
  • Time’s Person of the Year). Make your spouse and his/her photo and add catchy subtitles that display why he or she is “Lover of the Year” or “
    Best Partner for a Lifetime”.
  • Have dinner someplace different in your home: in front of the fire place, on the rooftop, on the patio or balcony out back, in the attic, under the tree in the back yard, etc. (One reader placed a kiddo pool, and plastic deer, and some grassy turf in basement and added in picnic items and bring some summer love into the blizzard and snow days they were experiencing.
  • Leave love notes between pages of a book or magazine your mate is reading as an invitation to a night on the town.
  • Make a public statement of your love. Make a banner for the garage door, write in chalk on the driveway, paint it on a wall that you are going to be repainting anyway.
  • Use inexpensive dime store Valentines to create a trail of clues that lead to a romantic destination. You can also make this into a car rally by taping the Valentines around town, around the mall or leave taped to your friend’s front doors.
  • Look at your wedding album and talk about what first attracted you to your mate.
  • All day February 14, kiss every time you see something specific (at green lights, when you spot a fire hydrant, anytime you see your favorite flower, or hear your favorite song.) Dave and Claudia Arp, marriage specialist kiss when they see a body of water. We kiss on every elevator we find ourselves alone in and we kiss and dance after we push the elevator button and are waiting for it to arrive.
  • How do I love thee , let me count the ways: Write on a set of index cards all the reasons you love your spouse; make a paper chain of her or his best qualities; ring one a flower for each positive trait you want to recount and bring them in one at a time to her as your verbally list off what makes your heart sing.
  • Take February 14 to learn to do something your mate loves (how to toss a football; how to golf; fly fishing; how to find a great antique or quilt, etc)
  • Place romantic cards through the house or use the house for some play on words. On year, Bill woke up to signs that read things like, “You are my CUP of tea”; “I love to STAIR at you!” “You’ve opened the DOOR to my heart.”
  • Buy an inexpensive heart shaped box of chocolates, take out a few and in their place, add in bits of nice jewelry from a thrift store for that “Vintage” look.
  • Buy a box of Valentines or red envelopes and write out an invitation to a date a month for 12 months.
  • Visit the “Dollar Store” and gather some balloons and in 5 gift bags, add something romantic for each of 5 senses: sight, scent, taste, touch, and hearing. Scatter the gifts across the bed and enjoy some unwrapping.
  • Give a single rose but with a meaningful message of love or take a dozen roses (or flowers) and bring them ONE at a time to your mate and speak words of life and love. Thank him or her for the things about them you most admire and appreciate.
  • Take a prayer walk, strolling hand in hand, sharing hopes, dreams, and words of appreciation.
  • Write notes of love on a package of dollar store valentines, then use them as the trail of romance to your bedroom. You might add flower petals and tea lights (battery operated for extra safety)
  • Use Valentine’s Day to give an INVITATION to something romantic later in the year: a cruise, a marriage conference, a weekend getaway, or even to a romantic date NEXT week when restaurants are not crowded and prices on hotels, and flowers, etc. go down. A creative invitation might come with a piece of lingerie, inside a box of candy, or create a personalized invite using your computer graphics program and include photos of what is ahead on your romantic getaway. Anticipation builds romance!
  • Write a poem for your love. Simply take his or her name and make and acrostic that lists his or her best traits:




Bonus if you write love note in the steam on bathroom mirror or with lipstick give an XOXOXO love note on the mirror.

Your goal is to convince your mate you remember him or her and why you first fell in love.  If you need a few more ideas, buy the digital version of Red Hot Monogamy, and check out these blogs:

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A fast way to gain the perfect idea to romance your mate is to pray.

God knows your mate and what might lower his or her stress, or raise his/ her hope, joy, and peace. God can help your creative juices flow because “we love because he {God} first loved us.” 1 John 4:19.


Bill and Pam Farrel are international speakers and best-selling authors of over 47 books including bestselling Men are like Waffles, Women are like Spaghetti, Red Hot Monogamy, 10 Best Decisions a Couple Can Make, The Secret Language of Successful couples and A Couples’ Journey with God.

The Farrels invite you to join the Living Love-Wise Community for ongoing encouragement, equipping and enrichment to bless and build your relationships.  Go to and click “subscribe” tab and select the membership best for you.




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