Red Hot Wife Challenge, October 2015  

Bill SpeakingAnnouncing! Pam's
"Red Hot Wife Challenge!"
(26 Days to Becoming a More Loving Wife)
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Next Red Hot Challenge dates will be announced soon


Join me for the 26 day "Red Hot Wife Challenge". We will journey together to become a more kind, loving and romantic wife as we look at the 26 traits (A to Z) that make a wife more desirable to her man.

Each weekday (M - F) beginning February 19 through March 26, I will email you an encouraging verse, idea, and/or challenge that will help you love your husband just a little bit more (and in turn, he will love you a WHOLE lot more!) I will also post to our PRIVATE FaceBook Group Page Once you have registered above. (I will send you an invitation that you will receive by email.) This will be a PRIVATE facebook group so you can talk to me dialogue with one another and message me questions. It will be like having coffee with a girlfriend—you bring the java and I will bring my advice, insights and encouragement and we will all pray for each other!

All you will need for the challenge is a copy of Red Hot Romance Tips for Women and a heart willing to love. (Only $5 [plus shipping] right now on or $4.61 for the Kindle version on (You can read on your Kindle or on your smartphone or tablet using the free Kindle APP.) You might also want to ask a friend (or a group of friends) who also want to improve their marriage(s) to join you! Download this flyer to invite your friends!

Bill SpeakingAs a part of the challenge, there will be drawings and giveaways  for various Farrel authored resources, resources from some of my friends who write for wives,  and other romantic items, dates etc. (You will need a copy of the book for clues for some of the challenges).  We will have FUN as we practice romancing our guys. It is will be a fun, yet simple, adventure to the heart of love and a way to practice the skills that will fan the flame on romance and intimacy.

Steps to join the Red Hot Wife Challenge:

  1. Sign up for the challenge at the top of this page - you will be emailed a link to the PRIVATE group Facebook page, request to join. If you DON'T get your invitation, email and we will make sure you are added! (Make sure to check your junk mail for the invitation - it will come from Facebook, not us.) On this page we can discuss the day's topic and pray for each other.

  2. "Like" the Pam and Bill Farrel facebook page and check in daily.

  3. Order your copy of Red Hot Romance Tips for Women

  4. Make sure you unblock "" from your spam filter to receive the daily emails.
  5. Invite friends to join you - here is a flyer you can print and give to the women in your church and friendship circles.

You may also be interested in reading "Red Hot Monogamy" WITH your hubby! Red Hot Monogamy - is an 8 week guide to go with the 8 chapters of Song of Solomon. (This is an interactive study for you to do “with” your husband. It is a Guidebook with “hands on homework” (pun completely intended! Homework that you WANT TO DO!”)

I want to introduce you to Mary Ward, my friend who is an instructor/fitness trainer for Body and Soul Wellness and First Place 4 Heath -- and a happy alumni of the Red Hot Wife Challenge! Her "Mary's Minute" each day will help you feel better physically. (It is easier to want to share our body if we like our body. And your husband wants you to live longer with him!) So enjoy her health tips! Just watch for the little heart at the bottom of each day!

 Looking forward to time with you as we build our marriages and families!

Bill and Pam Farrel, Love-Wise (619) 328-0564 3755 Avocado Blvd. #414, La Mesa, CA 91941