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Are You a Happy Camper?

Normally, we love to camp with our family– as a recreational activity! Some of our fondest memories are of piling into an RV or cabin and heading to the beach, mountains or to speak at a family camp like Forest Home, Cannon Beach, or Sandy Cove.  

However today, we are in an RV and it is for a more serious, vital reason. We have CHOSEN to ride out the Covid 19 Shelter at Home in a RV parked in the backyard of Bill’s 91-year-old parents because they need 24/7 care and we are their best available option for keeping them safe. We live in a 300 square feet space (about the size of most people’s kitchen!)   We are kind of used to living small and simple as we were living on an 800 square foot boat docked on the beautiful Pacific. We have learned a few things about living happily-ever- after by dwelling  T.I.N.Y:

Talk It Out

                We need to communicate about EVERYTHING. Who is going to move right or left, who is going to open the refrigerator and who want to slide by to refill their coffee. We have to co-ordinate our schedules right down to who is going to be on zoom and when. We plan out our work tasks, errands, exercise plan and who get to shower first. (In many homes, this kind of co-ordination would also include who is going to oversee the children’s recreation, education, and household chores)

Watch ourAre You a Happy Camper?#MarriageMonday Facebook Live where we share even more and have some fun from our little RV. 

Invest In Your Purpose

                Life is just easier when we are busy living out the ministry God has called us to. In Pam’s Get It Done, Girl: Maximize the Moments Action Planner, she shares about some studies that cite work flow options of block timing which allows enough time to hit your “work flow” or those moments you are so into your work, enjoying the creativity or focus so much that you lose track of time. In a tiny home, being lost in your work is a blessing.

Negotiate and Share Workload

       We negotiate who will work inside or outside. We created a lovely patio area with comfortable chairs in the shade so we can see to work on our laptops outdoors too. We negotiate who is going to prep and clean up which meals, who is going to run errands, and who is going to clean—and when. We even negotiate who controls the TV remote and when (and who is going to wear earphones to protect privacy, watch an alternative form of entertainment or even sleep because their spouse is snoring!)

Yield to the Holy Spirit

                God will whisper to your heart when to forgive, give grace, extend mercy, or share a compliment, a word of encouragement, some fond affection or even a joke! Because no one knows your mate like God who created him or her, He can give you the wisdom to lower tensions, to boost romance (Red Hot Monogamy) and to dwell together in TINY unity!

To help you build some marital bliss, our His and Hers set for a Marriage Meet Up has all the tools to help with all these choices and skills and helps a couple pull together in unity when before the stress of this world pulls a couple apart.

                Our soon to release Marriage Meet Up:A Planner for Couples Who Want a Productive, Passionate and Purposeful Life

We know you may still be feeling some stress and tension, so please enjoy Pam’s 30 Day Infectious Joy devotional. Each day includes a verse, a space to journal, color, process and personalize that verse to bring more joy to where you are living!


Bill and Pam Farrel are international speakers who are only speaking digitally these days. They are authors of more than 50 books and are really missing their kids and grandkids who lives many states away. The Farrels host zoom family digital parties which might include games, story time, prayer and share, a physical competition, or a dance party! They Co-Direct Love-Wise and offer #MarriageMonday date nights on the Bill and Pam Farrel Facebook page (Monday eve at 6:06 pm PT), and #WisdomWednesday  Zoom gatherings for the Living Love-Wise Community (Wednesday nights at 6:06 pm PT) .

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